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SQL error opening converted databases in ACT! 2010

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SQL error opening converted databases in ACT! 2010

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I was able to convert my old ACT databases when I purchased ACT 2010 but suddenly I could not open the most important database a year later. I had friends come over who are very computer literate to try and help after Sage custom as support abandoned me. It was 13 months after my purchase. We kept getting the SQL error. I have it working on another old laptop that I fear may die and then I lose 20 years of ACT contacts. With no way of recovering them. I am very reluctant to buy AVT 2012 or 2013 after being abandoned by Sage technical support like this.


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Re: SQL error opening converted databases in ACT! 2010

There are several reasons why that could happen.  The simplest way to solve the issue is to work with an ACT! Certified Consulatant.  They can help you figure out what the issue is and can probably help you get more out of ACT! as well.  I am an ACT! Certified Consultant and I can assure you that none of my clients have ever lost a database.  They have occasionally had to recover from a backup but they were never more than a week old.  The first thing you should do is start doing regular backups from inside ACT! and copying the resulting Zip file to a CD for safe keeping.  You can find a local ACT! Certified Consultant by following the link in my signature.  You can also work with most ACT! Certified Consultants remotely but sometimes it's nice to have one local.



If you would like to get more out of ACT! you can find an ACT! Certified Consultant near you by going
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Re: SQL error opening converted databases in ACT! 2010

Hey there


When you say you couldn't open it 13 months later, does that mean since converting it you have not tried to open it? (in the last year!)  Or that you have been using it this past year, and it has stopped working?

Could you also please give a little more information on what kind of SQL error you receive?

Cherie Buttsworth
ACT! Certified Consultant
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