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SQL and ACT!

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SQL and ACT!

I have a problem with my ACT! program. Someone has uninstall the SQL Server. When I try to re-install the ACT! program. It says that " ACT! 2007 is not supported on this edition of SQL Server 2005". Can you help me ?
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Re: SQL and ACT!

Hi,  I run Act 2007 on Windows 2000.  I had problems starting up Act telling me it could

not open my data base.  Even though I have SQL Server 2005 set to start up automatically,

it usually does not.  I have to manually start SQL Server 2005 and after it has started, Act

will start up normally and I can use the program normally.


Here are the steps to restart SQL Server 2005 in Windows 2000.


Close the partially opened Act window

Click "Start" and run

In the "open" box type    services.msc        and click "OK"

The "Services" Window will open

Scroll down to the line "SQLServer (Act 7)"  (May be Act 8, Act 9, etc. on your computer)

If the "status box for this line is blank, this fix will help you--If it already says "started", then you have a different problem 

Right click with the mouse on that line

scroll to "start" and click

A progress bar will appear for several seconds and when it closes the status bar should now say "started"

You can now close the Services Window

Open Act and the program should open normally.


Hope this helps,