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SQL Database Service not started

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SQL Database Service not started



1) I tried everything that was posted earlier from to solve this "SQL Database Service not started" problem but it does not work.

the status of SQL Act7 says started, and I've restarted it 3 times. Still unsuccessful.

I am Windows XP, and the new ACT Pro 2012

Can you please help??


I have had numerous other problems with this new ACT and Simply 2012.

2) the ACT! link for Sage Simply Accounting 2012. We just installed SA 2012. After the link is installed and I am trying to connect it says "Only Simply Accounting 2012 files are supported". Well that is the only SA type we have so am I missing something here? I did just notice: When I go to select Setup from the SSA link at the top of ACT, it says: Version: 2011
Vendor: Sage Software, Inc.
Company File: \\CWCC1\SA Data\Centre .......
How do I change that? We don't have the 2011 version anymore (it isn't giving me any options to change it)

3)Another problem is we are a network of computers, and so the Search feature on the new ACT! 2012 does not work. This is a BIG issue as we have a large database of customers
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Posts: 18
Country: Canada

Re: SQL Database Service not started

I may have just discovered what is happening. There seems to be a lot of issues surrounding "linked computers"

When our main server computer has opened ACT! that day (just did it), it works on all other computers!

What an inconviencnce as this was never the case before. At least i can access my database, but i thought it was supposed to SAVE time not make you lose it!


I still need help on all the issues though to prevent for the future...