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SQL 2005 Express - SQL Server Service error with ACT! 2007

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SQL 2005 Express - SQL Server Service error with ACT! 2007

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Last week, my Act 2007 stopped loading and even locked up my computer forcing me to do a "hard" shutdown. After performing the routine diagnostics eliminating the possibility that I had a virus, it was clear that is was Act7 specific. So I ran a re-install to repair whatever was causing the problem but got nowhere.


So I decided to uninstall Act6 completely and just re-install it from scratch. No can do. During the uninstall, I got a pop-up message regarding an instance of the Act7 SQL and asking for a password.  I have no idea what that is. I then diagnosed via Microsoft's help diagnostics where it was recommended that I uninstal whatever SQL was installed and then go back and re-install the software. Same problem and same messages.  Now I get the "do you want to install Act?" message folowed by the named instance box asking for my password everytime I boot up my computer. How do I get out of this endless loop?


At this point, I would be happy to just uninstall the software and move on.  I have had frequent compatibility problems with Act and it is beginning to become a Rube Goldberg process completing projects while doing end-arounds to all of the problems.