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Running System Check - Problem

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Running System Check - Problem

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I'm trying to re-install ACT 2008 for real estate and keep running into a system check problem.  It keeps telling me to turn off Microsoft Internet Explorer and I don't see where it's running.


Please Help!  


Thanks for any assistance.

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Re: 2007 v9 re-install stops at "Services MSSQL$ACT7 could not be started"

I've been trying to re-install ACT for Real Estate 2008 all day long to no avail!  I keep getting a request for sa password and something about SQL.  I have no idea what this is referring to and I don't have a CD.  I did purchase the ability to download for 2 years and it doesn't expire until September 2010.


I'm not very savy at the tech talk, so can anyone assist on a level I can understand?  I'm really quite frustrated over wasting an entire day on something I know should be quite simple.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: 2007 v9 re-install stops at "Services MSSQL$ACT7 could not be started"

Two things you may need to do if you are getting a prompt for the SA password when installing.


First, you need to make sure the ACT7 instance of SQL is running.


To do this, go to Start / Run and type in Services.msc

Once in the services window, scroll down until you find SQL Server (ACT7) - The status column should show as Started. If it doesn't, right click on it and select start. 

Once it starts, try reinstalling ACT


Second, if this already shows as started, you will need to remove the instance and reinstall it. 


To do this, go to Start / Control Panel / Add-Remove Programs

Once in the Add/Remove Programs window, find  Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and select Remove

On the Uninstall Dialog, select ACT7: Database Engine and click Next

Let the uninstall finish, then try and reinstall ACT