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Running Act! 2010 on a "server"

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Running Act! 2010 on a "server"

Hi folk!  I will certainly admit that I may just be going about this the wrong way -- but here's the scenario we have.


We have 3 people using Act! 2010.  There are none of them that will have it open at all times.  So the solution we came up with was to use a 4th license and run it on a server, which all three users will sync to.  Each user has a "remote database" built from the central one that they are using.


My original hope was to fire up the sync service part of Act! and leave the server be for them to sync to.


I soon found out that I needed Act! 2010 to be running at all times on the server.  (the gui)  So first question is this, is there a way around that?  I don't really want to keep a remote desktop session open just to keep the gui running.


Second is this a reasonable setup?  Is there something else we should have done?  We are running the "standard" edition of Act! 2010 for these folk.  I didn't see any docs that really described running a "server" somewhere.


Thanks for any insight and I hope I'm making some sense here!

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Re: Running Act! 2010 on a "server"

Unfortunately (well, not unfortunate from a usability standpoint), you have the Standard version, which you already know.  That version only does Application Syncing, which is the ACT! app on a user's computer sync-ing with the ACT! app on the server (vs the sync service).


I've done this for people before, the easiest thing is to fire up ACT! on the server, then lock the screen.  You don't need a RDC open.


The only thing you "should" have done if you want a different setup is to get the Premium version, which does include the sync server.  However, 95% of the functionality is the same in the Standard version.  You can make it work the way you have it setup.

Richard Brust
ACT! Certified Consultant