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Rounding decimal places in Opportunities

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Rounding decimal places in Opportunities

Hi, I am having trouble with the number of decimal places in the Opportunities window.


For example:

When creating the costs, I am entering in the Price, then sometimes i am entering an adjusted price

Price = £950.00, Adjusted price = £925.


When i then next go into the Opportunity this has changed to read:

Price = £950, Adjusted Price = £924.999999975 and Discount reads = 2.63157895


This is not very workable from a viewing point as the figures are so long.  It also seems to then enter into a perpetuating cycle where the Adjusted Price figure and the Discount figure are constantly changing each other. This is resulting in the adjusted price not being accurate.


There are 2 things i want ideally, firstly for the Adjusted price not to change from what i enter and secondly for all figure to round to 2 decimal places.


Is anyone aware of a way to correct either problem please?


Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!


Thanks, Chloë