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Rounding Error on Total Calculation in Opportunity

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Rounding Error on Total Calculation in Opportunity

Hi all,


I'm using Act! Pro Version, Hot Fix 2 on a Windows 7 Pro machine. We're considering ACT for our company and are using the Trial Version right now.


I'm testing creating an opportunity for a product. The quantity is 800,000 units x $.0298 per unit. I modified the price field to show the extended decimal points beyond 2, however the TOTAL is still incorrectly using the rounded price of $.03. The total should be $23,840 but ACT shows $24,000.


Is it possible to modify the Total and the Weighted Total to use the cost with the extended decimal point rather than the rounded price?




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Re: Rounding Error on Total Calculation in Opportunity

I've seen this before. It's not really a bug because it is working as designed. From working with the reports where I can do calculations based on the actual values I was able to determine that what was happening was that the program calculation was rounding to two desimal places at intermediate steps in the calculation causing the the final amount to be rounded to two decimal places even when more were showing more decimal places.


In a report the correct values could be developed. I can think of a way to use custom fieds and a math addon to display the unrounded values but that would be in addition to the rounded values.


Sorry, I know this wasn't the answer you wanted.

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