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Roll Recurring Activities

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Roll Recurring Activities

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We have recently noticed that all of the calls we set up with a recurrence with a set time frame do not roll over automatically. In fact, if they are not dealt with on the day thay are scheduled, they never change unless you goto contact and clear the activity and/or delete and create a new schedule. You are not able to simply reschedule the activity.
We now have humdreds of calls that we need to quickly rechedule and call.
Is there a way to ensure that these calls will roll to today as well?  Is there a better way to reschedule all of these at once rather than doing them one at a time?

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Re: Roll Recurring Activities

You should be able to drag them on the calendar or reschedule them normally.
Auto-roll over wont move recurring activities as most users want them done when selected and when moving one activity in a recurring series, it's not sure if it's just the one or the entire series.