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Rights Issues - Windows Server 2012 and Win7 Pro

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Rights Issues - Windows Server 2012 and Win7 Pro

Greetings everyone. Thank you in advance for your help on this issue.


I just upgrade the entire network (server and two PCs) for a client of mine. They were running Act! 6 on a Windows 2003 server and WinXP clients. We have upgraded to ACT! 2013 Pro running on Windows Server 2012 and Win7 Pro (64-bit). The installation and database conversion went without issues, and I can successfully access the database from the Act! software installed on the server. However, when I try to access it from one either of the PCs, I get the following error message (I have sanitized the names of the server and database):


Sage ACT!
The "YYYYYSERV" computer and "XXXXXX__XXXXXXX_LLC" database were found but you do not have the appropriate share permissions to access the "\\YYYYYSERV\XXXXXX__XXXXXXX_LLC-database files" folder on the "YYYYYSERV" computer. You may need to enable "File and Print Sharing" in the firewall of the YYYYYSERV computer. Checking your Windows file share permissions may resolve this issue.

I have verified that the clients have full rights to the share on the server and I have also verified the Windows firewall rules on the server and they look good. Does anyone have any recommendations as to what else I can check to verify that security is set properly?



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Re: Rights Issues - Windows Server 2012 and Win7 Pro

Hi esouth

Can you verify that password protected file sharing is off on the server?

If that doesn't work, please try removing the current share permissions and re-sharing it with the Everyone user having full control (for testing purposes)

Damien Park