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Restoring the Database to another user's computer

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Restoring the Database to another user's computer

1. I'm trying to make a back up of a database for safe keeping just in case my computer were to



2. I want to be able to then put that on another employee's computer that is our second user.

I can't figure out how to do it! So frustrated! 

Thank you! Teri

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Re: Restoring the Database to another user's computer

You would use File | Backup| to make a safe copy.

If you want it on another computer and share updates, you need to use synchronisation
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Re: Restoring the Database to another user's computer

Hi Teri,

You did not provide much information about your issue. Ex; Current  verison of ACT!, how is that other user configured? Were they a remote database that was syncing to your main database? What operating systems, etc.


In this case, The main thing though is having a good backup, using ACT! File / Backup / Database and Personal Files.

Backup each users databases.

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Without knowing your exact environment and need, it is difficult to recommed the proper method  of restoring.

ex: ACT! / File / Restore Database / Restore As ?? etc..

Hope that helps a little. Cheers - FSB

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