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Restoring data to my new laptop

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Restoring data to my new laptop

Hello Everybody,


I need your help on a topic that is very important.


Few days ago I spilled some coffee on my laptop, and I had to get a new one, I downloaded the Act on the new laptop.


Obviously I had no back-up for my old data except I copied the Act data base file from the old hard drive on a memory flash drive.


I'm trying to import the data to the new laptop and I'm getting the following error message:


The data base could not be accessed, in order to access this data base check your network connection and verify that your data base server is available. It might be necessary to disable any firewall software on your computer on network.


Can anybody help me to solve this issue.


Thank you


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Re: Restoring data to my new laptop

Delete the file that ends in .pad and when you open ACT! change the file type to .adf.  it will recreate the .pad file and should run okay from there.

Ginger Ney
ACT! Certified Consultant
Cornerstone Solutions, Inc.