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Restoring backups of ACT 2010 databases in ACT 2013 Pro

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Restoring backups of ACT 2010 databases in ACT 2013 Pro

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In trying to move ACT 2010 to a new computer, it just will not transfer and re-install using PCMover. Every time I try to install a new copy of Act 2010 (bought on eBay; supposed to be brand new and never used) on the new machine, it will not install, saying it can't find "install.ini" file. Old computer was running ACT 2010 on WIndows 7 Pro, 32 bit.  New computer also runs Windows 7 Pro, but it is a 64 bit machine; Intel Core i5 processor.  On the old computer, my databases were on that computer - not on a seiver. I plan to operate in the same manner on the new computer.  I have backups of my three databases which I have copied over to the new computer.


IF I buy a new copy of SAGE ACT 2013 Pro and put it on the new computer, can I restore the three databases direct into ACT 2013 Pro and have them automatically convert to ACT 2013 format and install into it? Can't find the answer; don't have a support program. Sure would appreciate an answer and I thank you in advance for helping me out.


I'm thinking another potential solution could be IF the new ACT 2013 allows multiple downloads for the same user I could upgrade my old computer from ACT 2010 to ACT 2013 - and also install ACT 2013 on the new computer.  That way, I could make backups of my databases in the new upgrade of ACT 2013 on the old computer - copy the backups over to the new computer - and restore them in the new program.  Does Sage ACT 2013 permit an upgrade install and a new install from the same copy of ACT 2013 Pro?                                    LehmanLee

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Re: Restoring backups of ACT 2010 databases in ACT 2013 Pro

Yes you can install ACT! 2013 on both computers, it's licensed to the user not the machine. Your database will convert automatically when you open it in the new version.


FYI, PC Mover may not be moving the actual database files unless it's stopping the SQL server.

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