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Restoring backup database to new database?

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Restoring backup database to new database?

I work from my home office and sync twice daily with the main database from the server from our main office. From July 8 through, July 26, we were unable to sync. When we finally were able to sync, a new database was created. Any changes that I made to my local Act database were not synced with the main database. I can view any changes to local database from a backup file that is on my local hard-drive. However, we cannot get the two databases to merge/sync together. Has anyone else had this problem? We called ACT support and they gave us the same answer that we found within the Act help guide and it did not work.


I am almost to the point of printing off 3 weeks worth of changes to ACT from the old database to cut/paste or retype into the new database. I hope someone has the solution to save me a TON of work!


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Restoring backup database to new database?

At this point it is likely best for you to reach out to a local Certified Consultant who would be well versed in merging the needed data from the 'old' remote(s) into the main system...


Your message does not go into detail, but new remote databases do not get created on their own, so it sounds to me like home office was having some problems - i.e. - your inability to sync for those weeks, and then decided that recreating the remote databases was the action to take.


W/o knowing details, that may or may not have been the best course, but it is done now.  If you do not want to manually enter the data you created from that period in July, I would suggest getting together with someone who could safely and correctly import your data (with the blessing of home office of course!).

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Re: Restoring backup database to new database?

You won't be able to sync them... but why can't you merge them? What happens?

Make sure you have a backup of the new db before trying