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Restoring Deleted Contacts in ACT 2009

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Restoring Deleted Contacts in ACT 2009

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Hi.  My calendar syncing software (Companionlink) for whatever reason automatically deleted a number of my contacts.  How can I restore individual contacts from a backup file?  When I try to open a restored copy of my DB file (From my online backup), my current database opens or it shows the number of records currently in my DB (vs. a smaller number from the older backup).  Note:  My DB is restored to a different location on my computer. 



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Re: Restoring Deleted Contacts in ACT 2009

I'm not quite sure on this one...when you use the 'Restore'
option in ACT!, it should restore your backup into the database that you currently have open.

Try using the 'Restore as' feature in ACT!, which lets you specify a name and location for the restored database. After restoring, open the restored db from the location you specified.

If that doesn't work, give CompainonLink Tech Support a call at 503-243-5200.