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Restoring Database from a Remote Computer?

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Restoring Database from a Remote Computer?

I was trying to fix something this morning and ended up restoring my database to 2 weeks ago.  When we went to our tape backup we found out the latest version was from May 1st.  I have an outside guy who synchronized into our database last night and I want to know if I can obtain data from his computer and put it onto our server?  We have ACT 10 with about 15 users.  I sure hate to lose all of that data.


I guess I should just use the data and quit trying to be fancy.


Thanks for your help.

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Re: Restoring Database from a Remote Computer?

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Are we saying that the most up-to-date database is on the outside 'guys' machine?

If it is you could do a backup and restore to move it across to your main machine.


However doing that would mean you'd have a new master database and in turn you would have to create you 'outside guy' a new remote database.


The following artcles may help you acheive this:


How to Move an ACT! by Sage Database


How To Set Up Application Synchronization in ACT!


Kind regards


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