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Restoring Act 2009

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Restoring Act 2009


My hard drive crashed recently, Best Buy did a full back up/extract of files, now I am trying to  restore the db to my new hard drive...Following the Restore directions, it wants a zip file that was created when I first loaded the software, then tells me that it doesn't recognize my log in/password, which I am sure that I am entering correctly. CSR by phone says they don't support 2009 products any longer..I was hoping someone here can help me Restore, or simply convert everything to excel. Either way, I need to see my db that exceeds 2000 contacts.  Thank you for your help! Really stuck!

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Re: Restoring Act 2009

Hello Gameonsports,

Welcome to the Sage ACT! Online Community!


You will want to try the restore process using variations of what you believe the username to be.  Generally, the username will be a variation of first and last name.  Try:

- Firstname Lastname

- FirstnameLastname

- Firstinitial Lastinitial

- FirstinitialLastinital

- Firstinitial LastName

- FirstinitialLastName

You may have also had a prefix, such as 'Mr.'.

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Re: Restoring Act 2009

If they did a restore of your hard drive, you would not need to restore from backup using FIle, Restore,


Instead, do a file, Open and change the box files of type to .adf instead of .pad


This will at least attach the most recent version of your database to the SQL instance on your machine.


Even though Sage may not support older versions, Most ACT Certified Consultants still are able to.  If you need help contact one or let me know, i'll let you know your options.  Many consultants also have tools to crack password if you need that service.

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