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Restore deleted records

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Restore deleted records

Using Act 2009 Premium.  We have just had a staff member who had admin rights delete several records.  I was wondering if there ws a way find out what records were deleted & to restore these records.  I have used another CRM system in the past that uses SQL Express & I was able to use the SQL Server Management Studio Express tool to look at the raw data but I cannot see how to install this tool for Act.  Thanks.



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Re: Restore deleted records

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I'm afraid I can't give you any insight on using SQL Server Management Studio, but maybe this will help.  Deleted contacts will normally show in the History of the user who deleted them. Check the History tab for that user and see if there are entries showing that those contacts were deleted. To recover these contacts, the only thing I can offer is to restore a backup (using Restore As) that had those contacts and then export those deleted contacts to your current database.
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Greig Hollister

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