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Resolution of the Dependency

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Resolution of the Dependency

Client has been on ACT! 2010 Pro for over a year without incident, recently upgraded replaced one XP laptop with new one running Windows 7 and has now gotten "Resolution of the Dependency" (KB 25865) TWICE.  They're in a major brokerage firm that blocks all remote access so client has to take the laptop home at night and get it onto home wireless so that I can go through the steps.  KB 25865 suggests 3 possible fixes and the third one, Rename the DependentDlls.xml File, has worked both times.  Question is, what could be causing this?


btw, KB25865 assumes Windows 7-based computers are set to "Show Hidden Folders and Files" and that's not the default setting on a new computer.  Wish it would reference how to "Show Hidden Folders and Files" from Control Panel if you don't see AppData in the Roaming Folder.

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Re: Resolution of the Dependency

Since it is not a reproducible issue, although re-occurring, it may be hard to pinpoint the cause.  Ensure they are running ACT! 'As Admin' and add exceptions to anti-virus software.  Since it is a laptop, do they sign on with a different Windows user when on and off the network?  Also check for ACT! add-ons.


And Thank You for the note about the article (hidden files).  The article has been updated to use the '%appdata%' method of locating the files bypassing the need to 'Show Hidden Files'.

Greg Martin