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Resetting Act 2010 to default.

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Resetting Act 2010 to default.

I have an associate 1000 miles away and somehow he has changed his Act screens.  I have a very default install and set up.  I am trying to guide him to learn the program but everything on his screen is different.  So here are all the questions.

1. How do I reset his screen to default.  For example the contact screen.  I have the split screen.  Business card on top then I have the "actions below" such as activity, opportunities, history, notes etc etc.  He does not have any of this, just a gray screen below the business card.

2. On his business card, he has the first two colums of data he can input, but the thrid colum far right is now GONE.  Where I have status and last activities.

3. He somehow has his user name as something different the then wanted.  So any time stamps are not his name.  Can I add a user and then delete the existing one.

4. His history and notes do not seem to be working right.  He can put in a note and nothing ever showes up in history.


Thanks for the help.

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Re: Resetting Act 2010 to default.

Check to make sure you are using the same layout (as indicated by the drop down list just above your contact information). On mine, there is a default 800 by 600 view and a 1024 by 768 view.

Mark Rogers
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Re: Resetting Act 2010 to default.

Hello Gcoggins,

Welcome to the Sage ACT! Online Community!


Along with checking that they are using the same layout...


1.  It sounds like the divider bar between fields area and tabs has moved all the way to the bottom.  Have the user hover the mouse near the botton of the screen to find the up/down arrow.  Then left click (hold) and drag the tabs up. 

This is most likely due to having customized DPI settings, see this article: KB Article 14495


2. Again, could be a DPI issue (pushing the fields out of view).


3. Incorrect username: have them perform Lookup > My Record.  If the name on this record is not their name, they have overwritten their 'My Record' with a customer name.  Or if they just want their name to be different, change it here.  If they have entered a customer's name, create a new contact (Duplicate Contact) for the customer and then correct the information in the 'My Record'.


4. Check the filter settings.  Make them 'all dates', 'all types', 'all users'.

Greg Martin