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Rescheduling activities increases RAM usage?!

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Country: Germany

Rescheduling activities increases RAM usage?!

Dear Community Members,


We detected a problem in ACT! 2009, which causes a huge memory usage of RAM. We testet this out in many different ways, but still haven't an issue. It seems, that rescheduling activities lets ACT! register more and more RAM, up to 1.3 Gbyte. At this point you get an empty view of the calender (like someone deleted all activities). Pressing F5 turns the view back, so you can see your activities again. It just seems to be a problem in the database of one of our customers. In our own or the demo database ACT! never reaches a limit of 400 Mbyte or more.


What we've tested already:

- Check, Repair, Reindex of the database with ACTDiag

- Database Fixes -> Activities -> Fix Known.... with ACTDiag

- Adjusted the Timeout Values of ConnectionTime and CommandTime, set to 90 seconds in ACTDiag

- The activities have a lot of detail text in it (some with formated text, different fonttypes and even images), so we created new and empty activities, rescheduled them, but the problem is still present

- We created a new user to see, if it's a user based problem (it isn't, it's a generell problem)


The environment:

- Windows Vista x86 SP1 (Customer: Windows XP Pro x86 SP3)

- ACT! Premium 2009 (v11.1.183.0 Hotfix 1)

- CPU is an AMD Phenom 9950 with 4x2.60 GHz

- 4 Gbyte of RAM

- The database has 562 contacts in it, round about 6000 activities and only one User


Has anyone an idea/issue for this?

Many thanks from Germany!!!


GS Vertriebsconsulting


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Posts: 2
Country: Germany

Re: Rescheduling activities increases RAM usage?!

Update: Problem located, issue still missing...

Normaly you can't integrate images into the detail text of an activity, but when you copy the content of a website and paste it into a MS Word document, you will be able to copy the content from MS Word into the detail text of an ACT! activity. Rescheduling an activity like that will couse ACT! to register more and more RAM. If you remove the image, everything is fine again.

How can i remove the images, without editing every single activity?

... I know what you're thinking -> direkt access to the database, locate the images, delete them. No way! I've looked into the activity table, but there's no detail text, if there's an image in that activity.  Strange!

Where does ACT! save this informations? Any idea?


Many thanks from Germany


GS Vertriebsconsulting

Andrej Neufeldt