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Require a Query Combining Contacts AND Companies

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Require a Query Combining Contacts AND Companies

ACT! by Sage 2009 (11.0) Version, Hotfix 4


My question is about queries


We are headhunters/executive recruitment and using ACT as our candidate and client database.


  1. Contacts – Are candidates, people within “Companies” and other general contacts.  The majority are not linked to Companies
  2. Companies – Our clients/prospects (many have divisions or other subsidiary businesses)
  3. Groups – Specific roles for which we are recruiting

Contacts Layout: has two multiple-choice dropdown fields: Industry Sector and Level of Experience


Example 1

ID Status: Candidate  

Contact: Joe Smith

Address in standard address fields

Industry: Manufacturing; Engineering    

Level of Experience: Chairman; CEO


Example 2

ID Status: Client

Contact: Mary Jones

Job Title: MD

Company: Brooks Weavers  (which may or may not be linked to COMPANIES)

Address in the standard address fields. 


The Industry Sector and Level of Experience are blank as she isn’t a candidate.


Companies Layout: has only one multiple-choice drop down field: industry sector


Example 1

ID Status: Prospect

Company: Williams Ltd  

Industry: Manufacturing; Electronics


Note: We do not want the Companies Industry field to be linked with the Contacts Industry Field


Often I need to create a lookup based on various fields from both Contacts and Companies


Example of desired advanced query (sans brackets!)


CONTACTS Level of Experience contains “Chairman” AND

CONTACTS Industry Contains “Manufacturing” OR

CONTACTS Industry Contains “Engineering” AND

COMPANIES Industry contains “Manufacturing”


At present I have to do two separate lookups and export to Excel. 

Any suggestions please or recommendations for add-ins or third-party software? 


It would also be nice to be able to link Companies and Groups – but that is another post.


Many thanks






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Re: Require a Query Combining Contacts AND Companies


ACT! does not have the capability of looking across both Company and Contact  entities to run an Advanced Query.

In my view this is an important addition that ACT! needs and others in the community have similar needs to yours.


I suggest that you post a request in the 'Share Your Ideas' section to add to those who need this functionality. We are told that posting here does get the attention of Sage staff  who influence new product feature decisions.   

Graeme Leo
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Re: Require a Query Combining Contacts AND Companies

Graeme, just wondering (because by including this, it helps Sage with the scenarios)...
1. How would you handle a lookup of the combined records?
2. List View would be an issue as they would likely have different field
3. What would you do with them?

Others may want something "similar", but only by identifying the scenarios and operation would a Product Manager be able to design it... and slight changes in the needs can dramatically affect the way it's done or even make it too complex to do
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Re: Require a Query Combining Contacts AND Companies

[ Edited ]

For Staffing and Recruiting Talent Management, it's not that difficult to get what you want.

If the info you need is all in the Contact side of ACT!. No need to search/query the Company side at all.

You may need to add a few fields and apply them to your Contact layout.

Build/Save your Custom Queries and add them to your Custom Commands to get powerclick control.

I also sell a act! for recruiters add-on(Fill Staff).

Cheers - FSB

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Re: Require a Query Combining Contacts AND Companies

For what it's worth I believe that TopLine Dash does this as well as Impact by Durkin Computing.


There may be others but those are off the top of my head, a complete list of addon solutions can be found here.

Matthew Wood
Act! SDK Support
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