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Just upgraded from Act 2005 to Sage Act 2011 Pro. Working thru my issues and climbing the learning curve.


One issue I can't get past is printing a Time/History Report. I'll try my best to explain.


I go to the contact and under the "history" tab all the entires appear as I want to print them. That is, from the oldest entry first and the duration and the time spent is totaled (I'm a lawyer, so the hours are very important). I then go to the very top reports menu and select history/time spent from the drop down menu. When I preview the document, the dates are not in the same order as appeared in my contact database. The oldest date is first, and then the dates jump around. 


Question:  How can I get the report to print out the same chronologic dates that appear on my screen?


Thank you to all those that help out.