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Re: Reports

I can PRINT the reports in landscape, I just can't VIEW them in landscape.  Which makes it difficult to set up a new report, print adjust, print adjust etc.


I passed the info on from customer support about the video driver to my IT dept, they aren't convinced.


What I wonder is why ACT would not have any reports in landscape as a standard option?

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Re: Reports

The video is a service provided by the operating system and the ACT! program uses information from the video driver to create the printed image. Any time you have reason to suspect the video driver a good test is to reduce the hardware acceleration to none and see if the problem goes away. Given that your problem occurred suddenly leads be to suspect the video or printer driver or a virus or spyware.
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Re: Reports

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Stonefield Query for ACT! is an add-on solution for building and viewing custom reports. Stonefield Query allows you to print and view a report in landscape with the click of a button.

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Re: Reports

Try this test.  It's to test a brand new report and the portrait / landscape functions.


Go into report designer:


**Testing Portrait right now** 

click on "New Report"

Contact Reports

Empty Contact Report


Create a text field in the upper left most section of the detail part of the report

Create a text field in the upper right most section of the detail part of the report 

 click on "File"

Click on  print preview.

At this point the print preview should show your two text fields, in portrait.

Try printing this, it should print portrait. 



**Testing Landscape right now** 

Now go to:


Page Setup

Select "Landscape"

Click "OK"

On your screen the white section should expand to the right.

Click on "File"

Click on print preview.

At this point your image should show  your a landscape view with your right most text field about 2/3 of the way over instead of all the way over.

try printing the report, it should print landscape as well. 


With a brand new report, does it show this?