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Reports are taking too long!!!

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Reports are taking too long!!!

I have ACT! by Sage 2008 (10.0) Version, i'm trying to download a report but they all take too long to download. I have always been able to create reports really quick on a which contains over 9,000 contacts. Now lately these reports are taking too long to be created, i have searched and there is a Hot Fix for this but it was for ACT! 2006 which i had applied long time ago on the 2006 version, but i'm not working with 2006 anymore. Can someone help me out with this???? 


Thank you in advance

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Re: Reports are taking too long!!!

Which report or reports are you having problems with? As a test I ran the Phone List report on a 12,000 contact local database and it took about 15 seconds to show the first page and not quite 1-minute to show that the report was finished. That should give you some test parameters. If you are running the report from a network database, I would expect it to take longer than the times I recorded. If they are a lot longer, you may have problems with you network connection.
Roy Laudenslager
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