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Reports Trouble

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Reports Trouble

Hi There all!


Im having a little trouble editing a report. I am currently running sage ACT! 2011. The report I require is very similar to the "History Summary Classic". I want my report to contain attempted calls, calls completed, meetings healed and letters sent but I only want the totals for each telemarketer and not for every contact. All the report needs to show is the total number of calls each telemarketer has made, completed and meeting they have schedule for that month/week. Can anyone please suggest what field I need to use in the sub report?




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Re: Reports Trouble

To begin with, the History Summary Classic report uses some heavy duty embeded VB script programming to provide the reporting and totals that you see. While shanging the specific history types tracked is fairly easy provided you understand the script programming involved. It's also possible to create a version of the report that reports the totals only and not the detail, soing so requires a underatanding of how the report editor works. Finally such a totals only summary report could report on only one user but would have to be run separately for each user, one report with totals only for each user isn't possible with the ACT! reports.


There is a third party book with comprehensive training information on the ACT! reports, here is the link.

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