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Report Sorting Just Not working

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Report Sorting Just Not working

Greetings All...


Ok, this is what I'm trying to accomplish in a report - I took a copy of the Company Membership report - wanting to see the Company and all contacts listed.  I'm trying to add a Territory section to sort the companies and associated contacts by Territory.  When I add the section with a header of TERRITORY, I get blank fields for the company data...I've tried a few things here and the last time I ran the report it doesn't print any pages. 


This should be a simple sort - I want the TERRITORY as a heading with all companies and contacts listed within each territory..


Any ideas where I'm going wrong???



Dino Grana

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Re: Report Sorting Just Not working

Assuming that the territory field for each company was populated with appropriate data and the section you added to the report was added with the correct sort information and that a territory field was added to the section you added, it should work. That it doesn't and the way it behaves indicates there are significant problems either with the data ore the report template.

Roy Laudenslager
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