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Report Formatting - Can Shrink Can Grow

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Report Formatting - Can Shrink Can Grow

Hi, I am creating a contact list report in ACT 2008. I am trying to reproduce a report from an old version of ACT. The rows list the Contact name in the following format.


surname, firstname


The surname is in bold followed by a comma and the firstname in plain text.


The problem is that I can't get the comma and firstname to print next to the surname. It looks like this.


Smith    ,    John

Brown    ,    Jim

Davies   ,    Rick


but it should look like this


Smith, John

Brown, Jim

Davies, Rick


The placement of the comma and first name are fixed. In the old ACT report I think I used the Can Shrink option to get it to work but it doesn't work in 2008. Does anyone know how to get this to work. I tried using an expression but I can't get the format to work correctly I can make everything bold or nothing bold.


Thanks Robert

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Re: Report Formatting - Can Shrink Can Grow

What you are trying to do can't be done with the ACT! 2008 reports. To close up the blank space you need to use a custom field and the font characteristics apply to the whole field, not just part of the field. What you used in ACT! 6 was the Close Up Blank Space option on the fields however, that effected the whole line and would displace any fields to the right of the fields set to close up blank space.
Roy Laudenslager
ACT! Certified Consultant