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Replicating HierarchySortedName in Sort/Lookup

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Replicating HierarchySortedName in Sort/Lookup



I printed off a company list so my client could add details about the companies to it (the details arn't written anywhere so I needed him to do this). However, I didn't realise that I printed the report without sorting it, so it used the default "HierarchySortedName" sorting criteria.


The list has over 1000 items on it, so it would be much faster if my Company list and the printed report where in the same order. Currently it is taking much longer than it should. I'm also reluctant to ask my client to redo the list as it took several hours of his own time to fill.


What I'm asking is: Is it possible to sort the regular company list (for entering data) in the same way as "HierarchySortedName"?





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Re: Replicating HierarchySortedName in Sort/Lookup

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You won't be able to get the Company 'List view' to exactly match the Company List report, but you can get it much closer by:

- go to Company - List View

- click on > View > Customize columns

- add field 'Heirarchy Level' to view > move field to top of list (first field in view) for convenience)

- click Ok to apply and close window

- in List View > click on heading for column 'Heirarchy Level'

It will sort in the order of the Company List report - except that Divisions will be at the end of the List View instead of intermingled like the report.

Greg Martin