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Repeating Section Headers on each page?

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Repeating Section Headers on each page?

I've got an opportunity report that can run several pages for each record manager (and there are several record managers on the report), and my column headers are in the Section Header.  I'm wondering if there is a way to repeat the Section Header on each page so that column headers would then appear on all pages.  The way it's currently set up, the column headers only appear in the new Section Header when the next record manager's opportunities begin (which may be several pages later).


I know I can move the column headers up to the Page Header area to have them repeat, but it doesn't make sense to have the column headers appear above the section headers.  So for each record manager, their first page is fine but pages 2, 3, etc. don't have column headers.


Is there any way to do this?





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Re: Repeating Section Headers on each page?

There isn't any way to get the section headers to repeat on following pages. That is by definition, the section header prints at the start of each iteration of the section. One option would be to place the column titles in both the section and the page header. That way each section starts with the column titles and the following pages also have the column titles. As to showing something like a record managers name in the page header, the report editor has no provision for doing that. However, I've been able to do that using some VB script programming tricks.
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