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Renaming Record Type (i.e. Change 'Groups' to 'Cases')

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Renaming Record Type (i.e. Change 'Groups' to 'Cases')

Greetings fellow Act users,


I am wondering if anyone has any insight as to whether it is possible to change the name of record type 'Groups' to 'Cases'. (I am a lawyer and would like to utilize Groups to manage contacts involved in a case.) I would like the change to be reflected across the software (i.e. so that anywhere 'Groups' would have appeared 'Cases' would now appear. My gut feeling is this won't be possible to accomplish without serious engineering, but I thought it couldn't hurt to ask here.


For reference, I am using Act! Pro Version (Update 7). Database is stored on my local machine. Running Windows 10 Pro (64 bit)


Please know of my gratitude for your time and assistance. 


Kind regards,



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Re: Renaming Record Type (i.e. Change 'Groups' to 'Cases')

It is not possible to change the name of any entity in Act! - The GROUPS have a specific functionality for the organization of information and for the campaigns of Act! Emarketing.



Act! Premium PLUS allows the creation of new Entities from the creation of additional Tables - that could be the alternative - but Act! Premium PLUS has its own License cost (After Act! PRO it continues Act! Premium and then Act! Premium PLUS)


We also have other CRM solutions based on WEB Server that allow the creation of these entities


I suggest consult this directly in conference with a specialized CRM consultant.


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Re: Renaming Record Type (i.e. Change 'Groups' to 'Cases')

To change the groups the way you want would require renaming the actual database group tables, no the groups can't be renamed the way you want. You could simply use the groups for cases without renaming. Another alternative would be to upgrade to ACT! 20.1 premium to make use of the custom tables capability or use a plug-in like Durkin custom tables. Both use a native capability of the ACT! database and would allow you to design the cases table the way you want. The Durkin custom tables would be an added cost but can be used with ACT! pro while the ACT! option would require upgrading to to the premium ACT! version which also includes an extra charge for the custom table access.
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