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Remote user - access rights - to part of database only

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Remote user - access rights - to part of database only



I need to have a remote user log-into Act! 2009 ver. 11 and view only a subset of records; not be able to see any more records than this particular subset. Maybe what I'm referencing at "subset" is really a "Group"?  Anyhow, the meaning of what I mean should make sense I hope.


How do I query the database and 'tag' (?) a set of records so that a user log-in controls that user's ability to see any other records except these I've tagged and put into a Group. (Hope I'm using the terms correctly). By no means do I mean to suggest that this is how I "have to do this"...any idea that is efficient or better than mine, please tell.



1.  How do I Tag or Query or what method do I use to tag or group a set of records in my database?

2.  How do I set up a remote user to log in and only be able to see and work with that group of records?


3.  Side thought, is Remote Desktop Sharing the best method for the remote user to access my computer to work on the database?


Remote computer is a Vista or XP Home (not sure) and my system is an XP Professional SP-3.


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Re: Remote user - access rights - to part of database only

Limited Access is only an option in the Premium versions of ACT!. See this ACT! Knowledge Base article -

How To Set Access Controls for Users in ACT! by Sage Premium


The other option would be to use synchronisation, have them use their own sync copy of the database and define a sync set for the contacts they need to see