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Remote database restore from backup

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Remote database restore from backup

Hi Folks,


I was running ACT! 2010 on a laptop with XP (setup to synch), and it was dying so I made a backup of the database and installed windows7 and ACT and tried to restore the database.


I used the "Restore as" option, and all seems to have worked, however none of the sync options are available, and when I look at the databae info, the sync role is blank.


Is there any way I can change the DB to sync?  I still have the original ACT files, but the original install is gone...


Thanks in advance for any help...



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Re: Remote database restore from backup


If you still have access to the database on the old pc, you could follow the above article.  If not, as restoring the database will have lost the syncronisation settings, you more than likely need to set up syncronisation again.