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Remote database is losing random contacts?

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Remote database is losing random contacts?

Hello All,


I thought I was finally getting this ACT! thing down, and then a curveball.


A rep using a remote database does a look-up for a contact that she has been working on for years, and that contact is no longer existent on her database. But I will do the look-up on the parent database and it is still there. I have looked and she is still the record manager and the synch-set and criteria has not changed.  I am not sure why it is doing this?


Furthermore, when she recreates the contact she can't find. I scan for duplicates and see both the old entry and the new one. If I copy and move the new data to the old contact, she can't find it anymore. If I copy and move the old data to the new contact, she can see it.


Does anyone know why or what I can do to make it stop?