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Remote data entry into ACT! 2007

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Remote data entry into ACT! 2007

I have a lot of data to be entered into ACT! and am considering using a remote data entry service fr India.  I'm concerned about letting them have access to my PC via (remote access application) to enter the data.  Any suggestions on how I can avoid potential virus and even worse, potential intentional tampering with my PC by allowing remote access for data entry?  Thx.
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Re: Remote data entry into ACT! 2007

If they have the same version of ACT than you, you can send them a remote DB which will synchronize with yours.

Or you can (buy and) use Act for Web.


Maybe you have to consider a hosting solution. Googled "act hosting", you'll find many services about that.

You should pu the main db on a hosting, synchronize your remote with the hosted db and provide a web access for India...


Just an idea... 

Xavier Nyssen

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