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Remote assistance for Act! 9.0

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Remote assistance for Act! 9.0

Hi Folks,


You have an Act! newbie here, so please forgive me if I ask a silly question.


I'm currently entering into some volunteer work for a charity organisation that uses Act to keep track of their thousands of contacts.


The task I have at hand is to assist in a general clean up of their database; help to remove duplicates, identify and eliminate out of date records, and add in some of the missing data such as postal codes.  Their version of Act! is 9.0.


Can someone give me some general guidelines? I know that Act has duplicate matching features, but I suspect my duplicate matching will need to be a lot more flexible to cater for variations on name spelling, and to allow searching for 'similar' addresses, etc.  I'd be keen to access Act's data from a source such as Access via ODBC.  Is this much of a possibility? Another option is a full export and a subsequent re-import at a later date.


Bear in mind that I will be doing all of this work remotely as I reside in a different city.  My contact is able to establish a VPN connection for me if required; I also have an evaluation copy of Act v11 if that is any use (although I suspect a different version would be problematic).


Any thoughts?


Kind regards,