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Remote Sync disabled on remote PC

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Remote Sync disabled on remote PC

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I have a client who is running ACT v16.2.14 on a server, then the database is shared out to 2 remote PCs. On the server it shows the Sync Database as Active, one PC the user can still sync. On the problem PC under Tools --> Sync Database, Sync Now is grayed out. When I go into the Sync Setup on the remote PC, it shows it as Disabled.


According to the log, it appears the auto-sync job I set up worked for a few days, then broke. It has now been 2 weeks without a sync, so the Databases don't match.


I tried to import the remote DB into the server's, however the "ID/Status" field reflects the old data, not the remote user's. I also tried to export from the remote DB into the server's DB with the same results.


Any suggestions on how to either re-enable the sync or get that particullar field to sync?