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Remote Desktop - Syncing information issue

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Remote Desktop - Syncing information issue

Hi, First, thank you so much for any help you offer. I have Act 2008 set up on 4 laptops. As well as one set up on a server. I was able to make the remote database fine and unpack it to each users laptop just fine. I was also able to import their database that they were using before we set up the remote database. My problem is when they sync it will sync any information that is on the server. But it is not syncing the information that was originally on their laptop. What I want to happen is that every laptop user have everyones contacts as well as calendars. So everyone can see what each other user is doing. Please let me know if you need any more information. Thanks.
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Re: Remote Desktop - Syncing information issue

Did you import their previous databases in the master on the server before sending them out their new remote databases?
This would have been the correct way to do it
If not, where did you import the data from their original versions?