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Remote Database

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Remote Database

We have three computers, one that is a laptop that sync to the main office computer. 


I was just wondering, if the remote data base in the laptop can have its own remote databases.  This would make it easier to sync the laptop with other computers, not in the office.





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Re: Remote Database

We do not have the ability to create 'Remotes' from a 'Remote'.


If you'd like to submit this as a Feature Request, you can visit the Ideas Forum in this community and submit it for consideration and comments.

Ideas Forum

Greg Martin
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Re: Remote Database

I doubt that this is something that will ever happen.  With the current architecture for sync, it might just not be possible.


I know years ago this supposedly was on deck for Syncrhonization in Saleslogix - and it never came to pass.  I imagine the work involved is just not worth the return...


Keep in mind that a remote database still can be shared amongst multiple PCs, so perhaps that is a viable option for you.

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Re: Remote Database

I am on a laptop, 100 miles away from the main office, always working remotely.  Instead of syncing, I just use a free peice of software that allows me to log into a PC at HQ, that has been designated as my PC. There are a few on the market.  Things like LogMeIn or Efax has a remote product. This way I am connected to the office DB in real time.  We are small enough where this situation works.


Hope that helps

Now I just have to learn how to use ACT better.  LOl  have fun