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Remote Database stopped syncing

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Remote Database stopped syncing



I have a user that has a Remote database that he syncs with the Publisher after he returns from trips. I recently had to rename his PC name (Windows XP SP3 on a domain) and also changed the PC name associated with the Remote DB on the Publisher Database to the new PC name. Even after that the error keeps comin up when he tries to Sync: "The remote database has aready been unpack and Synced at least once, contact your administrator". Any ideas about what i've left out. I can always create a new remote DB for him and only about 40 contacts will have to be re-entered, but it thought there might be an easier way. Thank you for any assistance you can offer.


Andrew Cacciatore

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Re: Remote Database stopped syncing

That message would tell me you do not have the correct database open and a remote has been unpacked a second time. No way out but create a new remote and then merge the updated records into the new remote.

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