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Remote Database - Missing custom field

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Remote Database - Missing custom field

We are currently using ACT! 2011 Pro with 2 computers. One is the main database and the other one is using the remote database.


We have a lot of custom fields in Companies tab. One day the remote database was missing all of the custom fields we had created. So we re-created the remote database and it was fine until now when the custom fields were missing again.


Is there any other way we can fix this problem without having to re-create the remote database over and over again?


Thank you,


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Re: Remote Database - Missing custom field

I am guessing that it is not that the fields were suddenly gone from the remote database (schema changes cannot be made on a remote) but rather that the layout being used on the remote perhaps reverted to a default layout?  Sometimes a glitch in the system can cause the layout to switch back to one of the "vanilla" ones that comes with ACT! and has just the default fields.


When creating custom layouts it is "best practice" to:

  • Not change the default layouts - open one and then immediately save it to a new name.
  • Be sure to append a version indicator at the end of the name of the file - "-v1", "-v2", etc., which you increment as you make changes.  This makes it easier to be sure that all users are on the same layout.
  • Add a text field on the main area indicating the version of the layout, nothing big, just  in the corner perhaps - "v2".

Taking these simple steps makes it much easier to troubleshoot these sometime "mysterious" events.


Remember too - when you create new custom fields, they do NOT automatically show on the layout, that has to be done in an additional step.


Hope that helps.