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Reloading ACT 2010 with SQL Server 2008

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Reloading ACT 2010 with SQL Server 2008

We have two computers in my office, and both use ACT 2010.


The hard drive on one of them died, and it has been replaced.


Both computers had been set up to use the SQL Server 2008.  I set these up over three years ago, and don't remember why we wound up with it set up this way.  I think that ACT's tech support recommended that.


The computers are not networked together, and are both running Windows 7.  We frequently move backed up databases back and forth between the two computers, and it works much better in my business to have multiple databases, rather than one.


Now that the one computer has a new hard drive, we can only get ACT 2010 loaded with the SQL Server 2005.  This won't allow me to open the databases formatted on the SQL Server 2008.


I know i didn't pay anything extra to get the SQL Server 2008 for either computer, but can't seem to find any way to load the 2008 version on the computer with the new hard drive.  Looking around the internet, I cna't seem to find anything but the SQL Server 2008 Express version for free.  The other 2008 eversions available seem to have exorbitant price tags.


Does anyone know how I can get SQL Server 2008 so we can remain compatible?


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Re: Reloading ACT 2010 with SQL Server 2008

If you have the Act7 instance of Act! connected in SQL 2005, it would still be possible to restore a database, that is backupped with Act! (same version, same patch) (see the build number at Act!'s <Help><About>)..


If you need to have Sql Server 2008 (express), you can install that from Microsoft, and manually connect with Act!



Hein Campmans

Hein Campmans