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Reloading ACT 2009 and will not load

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Reloading ACT 2009 and will not load

My desktop computer stops me with a message of "you have is later version than the one that is being applied".  I have looked and whatever version was loaded has been removed.  My goal is to move what I have on my laptop and put it on my desktop computer. Can someone help me?



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Re: Reloading ACT 2009 and will not load



Let's do a little investigating to see what versions are currently installed, vs. what version the databases are running in:


  1. On both computers, open Act! if you can.
  2. Go to Help > About Act!


What version number does the window say you have?


Now let's look at the databases themselves.  Let's start this on the laptop, since the database exists there.


  1. Close Act!
  2. Click the Windows Start button, select Run and type "actdiag" The ACT! Diagnostics utility launches.
    Note: For Windows Vista® and later operating systems, use the key combination Windows + R to display the Run dialog.
  3. Click OK on the Disclaimer message if you see it.
  4. Click Databases > Database List

Your database should be listed there, and there will be a version number column.  What is the version number on that database?


Does this version number match the Version of Act! running on your desktop?

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Re: Reloading ACT 2009 and will not load

Thank you for your assistance.  The version I am running on my laptop is  The issue I am having is that I do not have a version of ACT on my desktop.  I at one time tried to load the same version and failed so I left whatever loaded on my desktop for a couple of years doing nothing with it.  My guess is that at some point while online it looked for an update and may have done a more current version.  I did a removal of ACT manually to clean the desktop and I have nothing loaded that I know of.

The database Version is: Express Edition, SP4 Build 9.00.5000.00