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Relationships ACT! Pro Version 17

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Relationships ACT! Pro Version 17

I just loaded ACT! with data from a bunch of Excel files but it doesn't let you load the relationships on import.  I now have over 20,000 relationships to setup.  How can I create these?  It's obviously too many to do by hand.  Each Contact has a field called Person ID and of course I have a file like


Person ID     Reletionship                    To Person ID    ReciprocalRealtinoship

101               Referring Physicain         723                   Patient

1456             Genetic Counselor          4598                 Research Enrollee

5678             Family Contact                5679                 Family Member


Is there some kind of SQL back door or some kind of software?



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Re: Relationships ACT! Pro Version 17

The importing of relationships is not a current feature.

It is possible to directly edit the SQL database in order to perform advanced actions, however Swiftpage cannot provide support for this. There may be scope for an Act! Certified Consultant to help you out here. You can use to find one local to you.
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Re: Relationships ACT! Pro Version 17

I can create you a relationship importer.  Contact me offline if you are interested.


If you would like to get more out of ACT! you can find an ACT! Certified Consultant near you by going
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