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Reinsall cautions?

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Reinsall cautions?

I am having some problems which have yet to be resolved, so I thought that perhaps the best solution at this time would be to reinstall ACT! 2010.


Other than backing up my database, are there any other precautions that I should know about?



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Re: Reinsall cautions?

Assuming your database is located in the default location (and not saved into Program Files\Act\Act for Windows) folder, there aren't any real 'gotchas' to the uninstall/reinstall scenario.  The only thing to look for is: if you have applied Hotfixes to the program, they will not be reapplied with the reinstall - you will have to 


You didn't mention what types of issues you were having, so here are some things to keep in mind about the uninstall of the Act! program:

- if you have applied Hotfixes to the program after the initial install, they will not be reapplied with the reinstall.  You will have to reapply them manually. 

- it will leave your Preference files intact

- it will leave MS SQL Server 2005 intact (along with the Act7 instance)

- it will leave your registration information intact

Depending on the issue(s) you are experiencing, an uninstall/reinstall may or may not have any effect. 


Greg Martin
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Re: Reinsall cautions?

Thanks for the reply.


I finally got around to reinstalling today.


In fact it did not solve the primary issue.


Within 3 weeks of installing the product, I have totally lost the notes section on the contact page.


I can go to the redesign the layout for the contact part under tools and nothing changes, except getting some new error messages.


Frustrated totally at this point.