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Redundant Spell Checking

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Redundant Spell Checking

When I set-up a call using the  "Schedule Activity" screen,k and follow-up, and make the call, After I make the call, I clear the actiuvity, by putting a checkmark in the left hand box. I then enter notes in the field at the bottom of the "Clear Activity" screen. If I want to follow-up again, on that call, I click the "follow-up" button on the bottom. That opens a new "Schedule Activity" window. The notes which I originally entered in the "Clear Activity" window, are copied to the "Details" tab on the secondary "Schedule Activity" screen. When I close the secondary  "Schedule Activity" screen, ACT spell checks the notes, which have been copied from the original "Cleared Activity" winodwto the new "Schedule Activity", "Detail' tab.


After I set up the follow-up date and time, and close the screen. ACT does the spell check and closes that screen. I then close the  "Cleared Activity", and ACT does the spell check again, on the same notes, which I entered.


Why is ACT doing a spell check twice, when I have not made any changes to the copied notes from the "Cleared Activity" to the "Schedule Activity"?


I hope you are able to follow through on what I have described.