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Record and Group merge from Act 2000 to V 11.0

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Record and Group merge from Act 2000 to V 11.0

I have made a new v11 database with several changes and would like to merge records from ACT 2000.   The problem is that - for instance- on my v2000 - ID status , I have data options I do not want as options on my new ID status in v11.  This field and several others have changed and I dont want to corrupt these fields in my new database.  Field types and lengths on v 2000 vary (up to max length on some)   I want to ( Can I ?) create a tab with these fields from my old database to merge into.   Could I create memo fields with name like "old ID Status" on my new database  and have the old field data in  merge in without a loss of data?

And My groups- v2000 is bogged down with groups from the top of my screen to the bottom.  Many will become unnecessary when v11 fields are used correctly-   when I do my merge- I do not want all thes groups to mess things up.  Can I create one group on my new database and in that one group add all the groups from my v2000- (as subgroups?)

So as they are collapsed into one group folder to keep things tidy in the conversion process?