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Recomendations on Phone Systems ?

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Recomendations on Phone Systems ?


We are upgrading our phone system - I want to make sure I purchase a system that integrates well with ACT.

If your system integrates well with ACT can you let me know the brand and model?


Small system 20 phones or so....


Primarily looking for the ability to click and dial from ACT

Also want Popups to work well

Something we also want is a good call logging function (but this is from the phone system - not ACT)


We are NOT using VOIP currently - but I will consider it if someone says their system works perfectly and suggest this is the way to go.





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Re: Recomendations on Phone Systems ?

I just started using the phone system and I love it.

They have a little plug-in that you click and dial right from ACT.

After hanging up it prompts you to save a History (as long as you have <HF4 I think).


Works great for me. and great support from


Get in touch if you want more details.



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Re: Recomendations on Phone Systems ?

Shoretel have a phone system for organisations of your size which has a direct ACT integration model.


Recently one of my clients was promised integration but this was not actually part of the LG system unless you had a domain controller, an added expense. Make sure you get a guarantee in writing from the vendor that it will work with your system as it is a pain to remove it it does not work.

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