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Receive 'Contact No Longer Exists' Error Message when updating record

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Receive 'Contact No Longer Exists' Error Message when updating record

Using Sage Act Pro 2013


Contact was in our database but not linked to a company because in-between jobs.

Now, after getting updated info, user wanted to link contact to a different organization.

Updated contact info, added phone number and email address, put her into a Group.

User clicked SAVE.

Received error message - "This contact no longer exists in database".


For now, the contact record is still in the database - we can see it - but we can't update it or take the action we want to.


We routinely perform database maintenance "check & repair" steps.


This is not the first time we've encountered this frustrating error.


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Re: Receive 'Contact No Longer Exists' Error Message when updating record

[ Edited ]

You failed to mention - What version / build of ACT!2013   =  Help / About



Have you applied the most current 2013 service pak and hot fixes ?



Have you tried running ACTDIAG ?

close ACT!




database / dtabase list

see button on left of desired db

rite click - use Rebuild options, ex  rebuild schema, etc..

close actdiag - try act! again

if no worky

run actdiag, select desired db again and select the detach database option

close actdiag

go to your act db folders   my docs / act / act data / databases

instead of opening the .pad file type, open the .adf file type


also Reference KB Search results


cheers Smiley Happyfsb


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