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Re-populating a field

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Re-populating a field

I use the Last Results field to organize my 10-12 week sales campagnes. I usaully work three campanges sequentially 800, 814 & 845.


(ei) Call = means call the contact in this Company. Progressing futher if I press S then Sent Literature 800 appears. Then I use Alarms to follow-up. After my follow up depending on the results pressing B will reveal Booked, 800. P is Pending or N shows Not Interested. All this is pre arranged in the drop down menu in the Last Results field. It's quick!



The reason I do this is to keep the alarms reminder down to only those that I really feel are going to do business with me on this campagne 800.


At the end of each campagne which are in a group Titled 800. I want to change 5,000 plus entry's in my Last Results field back to Call so I can start fresh next year when we rerun the event.


Doing this one by one is tedious.


Is there any way to change lets say all the Sent Literature 800's back to Call?


I don't want to change the whole group 800, as D is Do not call and I want that information to remain.


Thank you for your consideration,




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Re: Re-populating a field

Create a lookup then Edit | Replace Field.
Roy Laudenslager
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